Cops Nearly Murdered In Roadside Ambush, Then Killers Get Surprise They Never Saw Coming

A traffic stop went wrong in Oklahoma City in December when suspects open fired on officers. Investigators now believe the suspects had targeted the officers for an ambush.

Officers from the OCPD pulled over Tavone Payne on December 8, who they noticed was on his phone when they approached the car. The officers said they could hear Payne telling someone else to come.

Four men then open fired on the officers, who took cover behind their squad car. Police were miraculously unharmed, though one officer realized how close he came to being shot when he found a bullet trapped in his jacket pocket.

Payne initially fled from the scene, but now all five suspects have been arrested: Tavone Payne, Donye Smiley, Trent Colbert, Marcus Robertson and Samuel Carolina. They've been charged with four counts of shooting with intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit a felony and a number of other felony counts.

All five of the suspects have lengthy criminal records.

Source: News 9
Photo: KWTV

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