Cop Shows Off Strong Selfie Game By Crashing A Student's Group Chat

Apparently, the police in Wales have a different perspective on the role of police in society. Either that or the offense of public intoxication is simply not taken very seriously in this hard-drinking part of the world. Where else would you see a drunken university student escorted home and put to bed by a police officer instead of arrested? Or that they would find out the address of the blotto student by using his phone to jump into a group chat with his friends?

As Lawrence Court and he’ll tell you it's not every day the police show up in your group chat.

20-year-old Cardiff University student Lawrence Court explains the strange message he received on his phone a couple of weeks ago.
"Hello, it's the police on Cameron's phone," was the message. "He is very drunk and we are dropping him home."

In an interview with the media, Court explained that he and his friends were skeptical initially.

"We naturally thought it wasn't real and that Ron (the guy involved) was playing us," he remarked.

Then the rather serious-looking police officer sent the group a selfie.
"When the selfie came through we were in hysterics, it was so funny!" Court laughed. "Then it was a case of making sure that he was okay so some friends went to check on him!"

Court posted the group chat screengrabs in a tweet earlier this week. He wrote “So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way”, and included the selfie the officer sent to convince the group he was serious.

At the end of the interview, the reporter asked Court what did the police do with the nearly unconscious Ron when they got him safely home.

"We don't actually know and neither does Ron," Court commented. "I assume they put him to bed and continued their shift!"

Source: Mashable

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