Cop Parks Patrol Car Illegally To Eat Breakfast

A patrol car was spotted in a handicap parking spot at an IHOP in Lafayette, Indiana, and the officer was found inside eating breakfast. A photo of the car parked in the spot went viral and sparked outrage across the internet.

The image features a man in an electric mobility scooter in front of a police car parked in the handicap spot. The photo was taken by a Reddit user named 'TheToolMan'. The caption read: "My local police must be responding to a pancake emergency."

The post immediately went viral and criticism poured in.

At first, the Lafayette Police Department appeared to be owning up to the incident. “It was incredibly disappointing to see the image and embarrassing to our agency. Outside of an officer responding to the business for life saving action there is no reason for a police car to be parked in that spot, period,” said Chief Patrick J. Flannelly.

Flannelly admitted the officer was not on official business. The officer, whose identity has not been released, told his superiors that he didn't realize it was a handicap spot.

Upon investigation, the Lafayette Police Department agreed that the spot was improperly marked and agreed that the officer made a mistake.

Maybe the officer and police department should look at the photo-- where the big blue square with a yellow wheelchair symbol is clearly visible right under the patrol car.

Photo: Real Estate NJ, Uber Topic

Cop parks in handicap spot to eat breakfast.

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