Child Rapist Enters Mexican Border Prison, Gets Brutal Taste Of Prison Life

Sergio Oros Sanchez had an incredibly short stay at a Mexican border prison, as he would lose his life soon after taking up residence there. As Breitbart shares, reports indicate that he died due to injuries sustained during what’s been described as a ‘scuffle,’ but it certainly sounds like it was a lot more than that.

The man was arrested after investigators with the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office were summoned to the local hospital due to injuries sustained by a four-year-old child that was under his care. That child was his stepdaughter, and she would pass away due to injuries sustained by him sexually assaulting her. He initially brought her to the doctor’s office, and he was instructed to get her to the hospital right away. Oros Sanchez attempted to play it off as if the girl had fallen at home, but her injuries proved otherwise.

He brutally attacked the girl once her mother had left for work for the day, and he confessed to assaulting her on at least one other occasion. Reports of the sadistic crime caused quite a stir in the local community of Reynosa, as did his remarks to investigators that he “did it very carefully.”

Oros Sanchez was transported to a prison in the Mexican border town, and he was greeted by several inmates. It’s no secret that child rapists are not looked upon too fondly by the vast majority of inmates, and Oros Sanchez would soon learn that was the case for him as well. What’s described as a ‘confrontation’ ensued, and Oros Sanchez would pass away from injuries sustained during it.

No word on how many inmates greeted him or what the extent of his injuries were, but it’s quite clear that he was brutally beaten. A law enforcement source has confirmed that the incident had all the markings of a ‘welcoming party,’ which is generally reserved for inmates that have been found guilty of sexually assaulting children.

Source: Breitbart
Photo: El Manana

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