Boyfriend Brutally Slammed Baby Into Sidewalk Repeatedly, He Just Learned His Fate

Dalton Davis, 22, has been jailed for the vicious murder of his girlfriend’s baby, Lillian Lloyd. Following a dispute, Dalton slammed the five-week-old’s head on the sidewalk repeatedly and then placed her back in her crib. The girlfriend, Courtney Lloyd, immediately called 911 when she noticed that her child was unconscious. Later that day, Lillian was pronounced deceased with the cause of death classified as severe head trauma with skull fracture. Dalton initially lied about the causes of Lillian’s injuries, but then later confessed that he murdered Lillian after a quarrel with her mother. He was then sentenced to 65 years in jail, 55 of those years without possibility of bail.

The autopsy showed that Lillian died from severe blunt force trauma and suffered from a skull fracture and bruises on her chest, back, and head. Two days later, Dalton was taken into custody and charged with murder, according to the Jay County’s Prosecutor’s Office. Dalton originally told the authorities that he checked on his daughter just half an hour before her mother discovered her. He claims that Lillian was “fine,” and “did not appear ill.” After the police confronted Dalton with news that his claims contrasted with the baby’s injuries, he quickly changed his story. He alleged to accidently dropped Lillian on her head after taking her out with him for a cigarette break. Once again, his story conflicted with the baby’s injuries. Finally, Dalton admitted to bashing the newborn’s head on the concrete in a fit of rage after his girlfriend got drunk.

Jay County Prosecutor, Wes Schemenaur, has sought a life sentence for Dalton stating that he’s never seen a more “senseless or barbaric” case. On July 14, Dalton took a plea to avoid a life sentence. He showed no remorse in court and made no apologies to his girlfriend or her family. The mother, Courtney, has since posted on Facebook expressing grief and sorrow for the loss of her baby girl.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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