Boss' Message To Man Who Missed Work For His Son's Birth Immediately Makes Him Ill

Lamar Austin of New Hampshire was promptly fired from his job as at Salerno Protective Services when he missed his weekend shift check in for the birth of his newborn son. Austin was notified of his termination via text message en route to the hospital with his wife who in labor. He had began working for the firm for a few months and was still under the 90 day probation period.

Despite the seemingly grim circumstances, Austin maintained an upbeat disposition, expressing his thoughts that sometimes you must lose one thing in order to gain something better. He choose to focus on his son, rather than a dead end job.

Local family leave advocate and community activist, Sara Persechino, heard of Austin’s plight and launched a crowdfunding campaign to aide the family with their living expenses. She stated:
“I don’t think they should have to be worrying about financial issues right now; it should be a joyful time for them. I don’t think anyone should ever have to choose between their family and their job.” The campaign rapidly attracted publicity, causing them to surpass their original goal of ten thousand dollars and job offers have arose for Austin.

He has received three different job opportunities and chances for apprenticeships with the local IBEW and AFL-CIO branches, which would provide additional job opportunities with good pay and great benefits for his family. Austin stated that he would not change anything about being a father and even kept the medical bracelet assigned to his wife when she was admitted to the hospital as a memento of their son’s birth.

The story has gained much public attention, prompting people to reach out to Austin’s former employer. He had no comment on the matter and there has been discussion as to whether or not federal laws should exist to shield people like Austin and his family.

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