Banker Talks To Group Of Women, Killed With One Punch For Doing So

A UK man is facing a judge after he killed another man on the street with one punch in an unprovoked attack. The victim was merely chatting cordially to a group of women outside a restaurant when the alleged killer came out feeling 'pissed off' and punched him in the neck, to everyone's horror.

Trevor Timon, 31, walked out of a restaurant one night and found a group of women he knew talking to Oliver Dearlove, 30, and his friends. Timon flew into a rage for an unknown reason and punched Dearlove, who collapsed from the blow and was pronounced dead within 24 hours.

Dearlove, who lived with his long-term girl, was out with his friends at a restaurant near a nightclub. He was out on the pavement when some women came out. One took off her shoes and appeared to walk slowly, so Dearlove inquired if she was hurt.

The woman joked that her feet were killing her, but that she was okay. She then mentioned she'd just had a baby 4 weeks ago. Dearlove complimented her, and remarked to his friends about how well she looks after just giving birth so recently. The new mother than offered to show Dearlove pictures of her new baby, and the polite fellow fawned over the cute pictures.

Timon came out of the night club at that point and saw Dearlove and his friends chatting with the women, three of whom were his sisters. Reports say he shouted, "Who the f--k are you boys?"

Timon then allegedly told Dearlove, "If you don't move on, I'll knock you out."

A woman jumped in between the two men and told Timon to 'just go', according to testimony.

"The next thing that happened was the defendant hit Oliver Dearlove," Prosecutor Anthony Orchard QC told the jury. "The punch skimmed her face. She saw Oliver Dearlove fall and as he fell his whole body twisted. She screamed 'He hit him, he hit him'."

One of the women asked Timon why he did that, he responded, "I'm pissed off!"

The attack has been called by the prosecutor 'unprovoked and senseless'.

Source: Telegraph
Photo: Chris Greenwood

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