Bank Robber Points Toy Gun At War Veteran's Kids, Gets Immediate Dose Of Karma

This guy definitely picked the wrong bank to rob.

Back in the summer of 2012, an armed robber went into a Bank of America in Sarasota, Florida. Unfortunately for him, one of the customers inside the bank knew exactly how to handle this kind of dangerous life or death situation.

Surveillance video at the bank showed a 34-year-old man demanding cash from each of the four bank tellers before pointing his pistol (which turned out to be a fake) at a father and his two young sons in the lobby.

The man standing in front of his two kids in the bank lobby was US Army Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples, who happened to be home on leave from his fifth tour of duty in Iraq.

Sgt. Peoples says he crossed over into “battle mode” when the robber made the mistake of threatening his two young boys.

“I’ve been through five deployments,” he explained in an interview. “I’ve fought the Muqtada militia, everybody you can think of, so weapons getting pointed at me, it doesn’t really bother me anymore.”

The local sheriff’s department gave People an award for his heroism in stopping the bank robber. The sergeant followed the man out of the bank, then intervened, forcing the would-be robber to drop the weapon and detaining him until police arrived. The sheriff’s office also told him he had a job waiting for him when he got back from his current deployment.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Fox 13

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