800lb Patient Ordered One Simple Thing, Hospital Immediately Kicked Him Out

An 800-pound man was staying at Rhode Island Hospital and getting weight-loss treatment. The hospital's plan was to help the man get down to 550 pounds so he could undergo weight loss surgery. He ordered a pizza, and the hospital sent him packing. The man has a long history struggling with his addiction to food, and his father is frantic.

Steven John Assanti appeared on the Dr. Phil show years ago. Assanti, who claimed he didn't like skinny people, was paired for a social experiment with a woman who didn't like overweight people. After the show, Dr. Phil talked to Assanti and his father, Steven Veillette, about Assanti's weight problem.

Assanti admitted he is addicted to food, and gets belligerent and manipulative when he doesn't get what he wants. Dr. Phil told Assanti he would get him on his weight-loss program, but said he would 'fire' the young man if he went off of it.

Apparently, he did go off, because Assanti was Providence hospital. He ordered a pizza, which was against his plan, and the hospital discharged him. They refuse to comment on the case.

Veillette loaded his son in the back of his SUV and is driving him around trying to find a place that will help him. The worried dad can't bring Assanti home with him; he fears it will be a death sentence if Assanti goes back to old habits.

Assanti also is putting his dad in danger of eviction. When he doesn't get his way, he yells, and this has caused disruption in Veillette's apartment complex. The dad is put in a terrible spot: let his son yell and get evicted, or pacify his son with food.

Veillette brought his son to the Kent County Hospital emergency room, where Assanti is currently staying, but can't stay long.

"I just don't know where to turn to, I called everybody... everybody you could think of in the state of Rhode Island, and nobody... can help me."

Source: Cooking Panda
Photo: NBC 10

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