20-Year Old Who Raped And Tortured An 82-Year-Old Grandmother Just Received His Sentence

A Brooklyn jury convicted a 20-year-old man for breaking into an 82-year-old woman's house and sexually assaulting her.

Asa Robert is now looking at up to 122 years in prison in his convictions for rape, criminal sex act, burglary, robbery and criminal trespassing.

“This defendant committed a reprehensible and terrifying assault on a vulnerable elderly woman who had the courage to face her attacker in court. This defendant has now been brought to justice and held accountable for his actions,” Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez noted.

Robert entered the Brighton Beach home in the summer of 2015 armed with a knife and demanded money, according to prosecutors.

Robert tied up the woman, raped her repeatedly for several hours before telling her not to call the police.

It took police four days to track Robert down, as he was hiding in various homes in Brooklyn before he was located in the kitchen of a residence he had broken into.

Apparently, the reason the jurors took so long was because they were debating whether Robert actually used the knife in the sexual assault.

Of note, the jurors did not convict Robert on the greatest charge of predatory sexual assault, so he avoided another 25 years to life in prison.


Source: New York Daily News
Photo: Daily News

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