11-Year-Old Boy Finally Opens Up About Doing The Unthinkable To 4-Year-Old, It's Chilling

New details have emerged on a horrifying incident that rocked the community of Gainesville, Florida. An 11-year-old boy allegedly strangled a four-year-old boy to death due to the fact that he was angry about his lack of a birthday party or presents.

As the Daily Mail reports, the accused has what’s being referred to as a ‘troubled’ history that includes a number of serious red flags. His previous disturbing behavior has included choking another boy until he was blue in the face, cutting the limbs off of dead animals and carrying them around, and burning his house down after he set his crib mattress on fire.

The boys lived together in the same mobile with their mothers, who are in a relationship. Police were alerted by calls of an unresponsive boy at the home, and they would arrive to find that the toddler had been slumped over with blood coming out of his mouth and that revival attempts had failed.

Under questioning by authorities, the 11-year-old explained what he did to the toddler with the assistance of a mannequin, saying that he “squeezed and shook him because he was in his 'mood'.” He’s been charged with with aggravated battery resulting in great bodily harm, but those charges may be upgraded to murder.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Facebook via Mail Online

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