Woman Impregnated With Baby By Her Doctor, There's Just One Thing

For some couples, trying to conceive is not as easy as it is for others. Fertility issues can be expensive and accompanied by a number of heartbreaks. One couple was delighted to find out they were pregnant again-- but devastated when they learned it wasn't with their own child.

Carolyn and Sean Savage were planning on a fourth child. After their second child, they struggled with fertility issues and it took them a full 10 years to conceive their third through IVF. When they wanted a fourth child, they went back for IVF and decided to use an embryo from those previous treatments.

After they were given the news that they were expecting, they were overjoyed. Then came the bad news: the fertility clinic accidentally implanted Carolyn with a fertilized egg that belonged to another couple.

Shannon Morell was the biological mother of the baby Carolyn was carrying. The baby was very much wanted, so the Savages decided the only right thing to do was to see through the pregnancy and give the baby to his rightful parents.

Morell sees Carolyn as her family's 'guardian angel,' yet she admits she's highly disappointed that she didn't get the opportunity to carry her baby herself. "All the emotions a woman has during pregnancy to bond with her child I haven’t had," Morell said. “It’s been a very empty feeling. All the emotions from nine months are packed into that one day when I actually get to hold my baby. I never felt the baby kick — none of that.”

Carolyn was unable to carry any more children, so the Savage family used a surrogate to carry the rest of their embryos. The first time, the surrogate miscarried. They tried again, and the surrogate is no carrying twins for the couple.

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