Man Tells Doctor About His Ailments, Doctors End Up Finding Something Shocking Inside Of Him

A 62-year-old man spent twenty years feeling like he had to constantly urinate before he finally decided to do something about it. As the Daily Mail reports, a CT scan revealed the source of his troubles, and it turned out to be due to a highly unusual - but treatable - reason.

The man had a free floating mass inside of him that was pressing on his bladder. Known as a peritoneal loose body, it had grown to an enormous size of 10 centimeters long and 7.5 centimeters wide. It was shaped like a giant hard boiled egg, and tipped the scales at about a half a pound.

Masses of this nature are believed to form when pouches of fat wrapped in the colon’s membrane end up becoming detached by twisting away. From that point, they can transform into fibrous lumps and become calcified, and that’s exactly what had happened to the man suffering with frequent urination.

If they stay small enough, there are generally no problems, but those that grow to a size such as this one can lead to bowel and bladder problems. Doctors were able to successfully remove the mass, and the happy patient has reported that he no longer feels the need to pee all the time.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Neew England Journal Of Medicine

Pretty unbelievable. Kind of gross too.

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