Elderly Woman Fears The Worst After Living With Lump For 60 Years - Doctors Finally Reveal The Truth (Video)

A woman in Chile went to the doctors and discovered that she had been carrying a fetus for more than 60 years. The woman never even knew she had ever gotten pregnant.

Estela Meléndez, 91, suffered a fall. Her doctors sent her for an X-ray and they thought they spotted a tumor. They told her they wanted to operate and sent her for a second X-ray.

The follow-up X-ray revealed that Meléndez didn't have a tumor at all; she had a dead fetus in her womb. It had calcified and been in there more than 60 years.

Meléndez was married to her husband, Manuel Meléndez, for 74 years. Manuel passed away at the age of 91. The couple had one regret in their long life: they were unable to have children.

"We suffered tremendously because of this reason," Meléndez said.

She had no idea she had ever become pregnant. She did have a lump in her belly for as long as she could remember, and she says it hurts sometimes. She never dreamed it could be a fetus.

Doctors have decided that surgically removing the fetus could be riskier for the 91-year-old woman than leaving it be.

Meléndez is at peace with that; she says it reminds her of her husband, and their dream that never came to be.

Source: CNN
Photo: CNN

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