Dad Gets Million Dollar Shot After Doctor Yells For Him To Come Quickly

Every human life is precious, but parents can be excused for treating the birth of their little one as something more miraculous than any that have occurred before that moment. Sometimes, those feelings hold weight in the medical community as well, and that comes in the form of the medical marvels that probably shouldn’t have made it.

As Faith Tap shares, one of those occurrences happened for a Redditor that proudly shared pics and all of his happy moment. His son was born with a knot in the umbilical cord, and that’s generally fatal - but this proud papa’s boy was bright eyed and bushy tailed. The doctors were so amazed that the baby was able to pull through that they urged dad to grab the camera.

"The doctor said, 'Hurry up, Dad. Take a picture your baby is a miracle,’" he wrote.

It’s a pretty rare instance, but if it’s caught early enough the baby can survive, and that’s often via delivery by c-section. Typically, doctors will be able to detect the condition by abnormal fetal activity after the 37th week.

Source: Faith Tap
Photo: Imgur


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