Boy Finally Goes To Hospital After 18 Years Of Believing His Parents - 'It Was His Good Luck Charm'

A teen boy was born with an unusual birth defect: he had a full, 8-inch long tail growing out of his backside. His parents never wanted him to have it removed, but at age 18 he opted for the surgery.

The boy from India, whose name has not been released, his that secret all of his life. While the young boy found the tail embarrassing and even painful, his parents refused to let him surgically remove it when he was a minor. They felt the tail was good luck.

Dr. Pramod Giri, the boy's doctor, reported that the tail was causing a lot of problems. It gave him 'extreme pain in his lower back, problems while sleeping and sitting'.

The tail was connected to the boy's spinal cord, but it contained no bone or muscle. The doctor said because of this it was a relatively simple procedure. The boy was delighted to get rid of it.

“He is very happy. He is now very comfortable while sleeping and sitting. He says he feels more confident about himself now,” said Giri.

Source: Healthy Page
Photo: Healthy Page

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