These Women Refused To Remove Burqas In Court, Immediately Get Smiles Wiped Off Their Faces

It’s really not too surprising given the wave of anti-Muslim fervor sweeping the globe these days, but it seems that the parliament Victoria, Australia is considering passing a law banning the full face Muslim veil in court proceedings.

According to the new proposed law, women wearing the burqa or niqab could face two weeks' jail or a $1,500 fine if they do not show their faces in court when requested to do so by a judge. 

The new law was actually proposed by the Victorian Opposition, and is designed to provide judges and magistrates with more power to punish bad behavior in court, as well as clear up any misconceptions regarding contempt of law in these circumstances.

Of note, the fines could also be given to witnesses or members of the public who refuse to stand when the judge enters the courtroom, or who are yelling or protesting in court.

This does specifically include Muslim women who are wearing a burqa or niqab. 

Keep in mind that the law would still has to be passed by the government. According to Opposition Leader Mathew Guy, there was a growing disrespect for authority in the court room, and this law is intended to address that problem.

“The idea that a defendant can dictate to a judge what they will or will not do is one of the reasons why there is a growing disrespect from some people for our laws and our way of life,' he explained in an interview with the Australian press.

Guy continued: “Whether it is bikie gang members, professional protest groups, or anyone else — no one is free to pick and choose what laws they wish to follow.”

The Australian province of New South Wales has already adopted similar laws following a situation where a witness wearing a veil would not remove the headpiece when giving evidence in court.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mad World News

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