Man Turns In Pennies After Saving Them For 45 Years, Gets Biggest Surprise Of His Life

Otha Anders understands the value of a penny. In fact, Anders has been saving pennies for over 45 years ago when he first found a penny laying on the ground. He said the small copper coin was a reminder to pray and give thanks.

"I became convinced that spotting a lost or dropped penny was an additional God-given incentive reminding me to always be thankful," the 73-year-old Anders explained. "There have been days where I failed to pray and more often than not, a lost or dropped penny would show up to remind me."

Half a million pennies later, Anders had a stunning $5,136.14 deposited into his account at the Ruston Origin Bank, in Ruston, La.

The vice president at the bank Jennie Cole said it was not a typical day at the bank when Anders had his collection of pennies rolled in on a dolly, but Anders is a longtime customer who they wanted to help.

"We value his business, as we do all of our customers," she commented.

"But if we can help Anders with his endeavors, we are happy to do so."

"I would never spend a penny," Anders pointed out. "I would break a dollar before giving up a penny."

"But I never allowed anyone, not even my wife nor children, to give me pennies without being compensated," he continued. "I wanted the inner satisfaction that God and I acquired this collection."

Anders has treasured his penny collection so much that in the 1970s, when the US government offered an extra $25 for every $100 worth of pennies turned in, he still would not sell his collection.

Several of Anders friends and family assisted the bank employees with transporting the coins from his pickup truck to the bank’s coin room.

Source: USA Today
Photo: AWM

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