Little Boy Dies In Terrible Accident, Tells His Mother He Saw Grandma After Being Brought Back To Life

A North Carolina man was in a terrible car accident with his parents when he was a little boy. When rescued he was rushed to the hospital where he flatlined three times that day. Each time he was revived. Each time he said he went to heaven and met God.

Landon Whitley was only 8 years old when an ambulance t-boned his family's car. The vehicle was so mangled that rescuers didn't even realize he was in the wreckage until someone found a child's shoe. After he was dug out of the debris he was rushed to the hospital where he died three times.

Each time he died, Whitely vividly remembers going to Heaven. He says he saw Jesus, angels, his father (who perished in the crash), and two would-be siblings he never got to meet.

“My mom had two miscarriages before me that I had never known about, never heard about,” Whitley said. “I was able to see them.”

It was a long road to recovery for Landon and his mother, Julie Kemp. The physical scars were devastating, but the emotional scar of losing her husband was the hardest for Julie.

Landon believes he got to see his father, so he feels his dad is okay and still with him. Julie wrote a book about her grief, and how she came to terms with it through her son's visits to Heaven.

“These days I can thank God for giving me the strength to get through it,” Julie said. “I didn’t see the strength when I was going through it – I saw the challenges and the hurt.”

Source: Fox News

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