ISIS Fighter Feels Odd Sensation Moments Before Raping Defenseless Girl

US Delta Force and British Special Air Forces (SAS) joined together for a mission to free a group of young girls being held in Syria as sex slaves for ISIS soldiers. For one SAS hero, after his weapon malfunctioned, it came down to hand-to-hand combat between himself and an ISIS terrorist. The mission was successful, and the young girls have been relocated.

The Daily Star reported the covert mission about a month after it took place. Terrified locals in Northern Syria reported that the girls were being held hostage and tortured. According to a source, military men were reduced to tears when they were briefed on the situation, reviewing video and photos.

The group of young girls had been kidnapped from their families and were being used as trophies for ISIS terrorist fighters. The girls were subjected to rape, and in some cases, were forced into marrying the soldiers against their will. The girls who would not cooperate or who were caught trying to run away were subject to more brutal rape and torture. Some were dipped in acid as a punishment, and others were crucified.

The joint forces moved in to set the hostages free. The teams were flown by helicopter to the village that had been captured by ISIS, on the outskirts of town. US-British soldiers stormed the village in a fight that lasted approximately two hours. Helping the forces were armed drones.

One SAS soldier was engaged in a fire fight with a jihadist and things went wrong; his firearm jammed. He rushed the ISIS soldier and managed to get his hands on an axe. According to reports, he buried that axe in the terrorist’s skull and killed the man.

The successful mission freed about a dozen girls, whose identities are being concealed. The girls were returned to their families, and the families were relocated to help protect them by retaliation by ISIS forces.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mad World News

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