Funeral Director Kept This A Secret for 50 Years, Now It's All Crashing Down Around Him

A man named Harold Lee Massey from Littleton, North Carolina has been arrested for the repeated sexual abuse of a minor. The 62-year-old gospel singer and funeral director was arrested at church, which seems appropriate as he has sinned in one of the worst way possible ways.

According to local media sources, Massey is looking at 50 counts of indecent liberties with an unidentified male child victim.

Unfortunately, it seems the alleged child molester is back on the streets of Littleton as he posted a $250,000 bond.

Besides the 50 counts of indecent liberties, Massey is also charged with another 31 counts of statutory sexual offenses.

The victim of Massey’s horrific depravity was a young boy who began to be abused when he was only seven years old. More than six years later, the disgusting liar and pervert is finally being charged for his crimes.

Halifax County authorities announced that the various charges against Massey relate to a six-year period beginning in 2006. Why it took so long to find out about this horrible sexual crime is not known.

By the same token, Halifax County Sheriff Wes Tripp is refusing to comment on why the allegations have just now come to light.

Massey will return to court on February 15th if he doesn’t panic and try to escape the long jail term he is obviously looking at.

Law enforcement sources note the sexual abuse investigation has been active for more than a month now. The case is still open today as investigators continue to try and find more proof regarding the charges and trying to locate other possible victims.

Besides being a well-known gospel singer in the area, Massey and his wife are the owners of Massey Funeral Homes. The company has locations in Roanoke Rapids, Jackson, and Aulander, North Carolina.
Based on the content on Massey’s website, he is an “accomplished musician” who is known for his gospel music.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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