Trump’s Impeachment Tweet Is Going Viral (Photos)

It’s been a pretty rough week for President Donald Trump and his administration - to say the least - and detractors are out in full force to express their glee. Among the many issues the administration is currently dealing with, the tough times got really bad when National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign for speaking out of turn with the Russian ambassador. Democratic opponents and a good portion of the mainstream media were quick to pounce, and they’re pushing for a complete investigation into potential ties between Trump and members of Russian Intelligence.

As Uproxx shares, social media is absolutely littered with expressions of glee from detractors. In the midst of their rampant enthusiasm, someone went ahead and dug up an old post from Trump, circa 2014, and decided to share it.

“Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?” Trump wrote, in reference to former President Barack Obama.

Trump’s old post began to trend, and there were quickly plenty of replies.

“We are all about to find out…” shared one user.

“You’re about to find out,” shared another.

Before too long, the topic morphed into ‘#TrumpimpeachmentParty,’ and users had some fun with that hashtag as well.

“More people will turn up to the impeachment party then they did for his inauguration,” wrote one user.

“William Henry Harrison was in office only 32 days, the shortest tenure of any US president. Can we break that record?” wrote another.

While there surely plenty of great quips making the rounds, this is definitely a case of counting the chickens before the eggs are hatched. Quite simply, it appears as if Flynn screwed up pretty bad, and he paid for it with his job. Could the administration have gotten out in front of the story better and terminated him immediately once the allegations came to light? Absolutely, but to go from a forced resignation to impeachment proceedings is a pretty gigantic leap.

Source: Uproxx, NY Times
Photo: Michael Vadon/Flickr, Twitter

Trump's words are coming back to haunt him.

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