Teen's Reason For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance Enrages Teacher, Now His Mom Is Responding

A student in an Illinois high school refused to stand for the daily recital of the 'Pledged of Allegiance.' He says his teacher tried to physically pull him out of his seat after he told her 'America sucks'.

Shemar Cooper, 15, says he decided to start sitting out the Pledge, when his teacher told him to stand up. He says he responded, 'no', and 'America sucks.'

The next time Shemar refused to stand he says his teacher tried to pull him out of his seat. Shemar's mother reported the incident to the police and wants something done about it.

"If nothing is done to her, then you're sending a message to the teacher, and other teachers in the school that you can put your hands-on children and get away with it," said Shemar's mother, Kelley Porter-Turner.

Porter-Turner says her family has served in the military and she doesn't hate America, but she supports her son's rights to express himself.

School officials are investigating the incident. The principal said in a statement, “Eisenhower High School takes any allegations of violations of students’ rights seriously. We respect students’ First Amendment right to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Source: WGNTV
Photo: WGN

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