Popular Comedian Slams Trump, Jokes About Assassinating Him - Big Mistake

A comedy show in Dallas, Texas quickly turned into an unfunny experience due to a ‘joke’ by comedian Eddie Griffin. While many comedians have their bread buttered due to the shock value they are able to deliver, Griffin crossed the line by openly asking for the death of another person. That person just happens to be the President of the United States, and the irony of the fact that his ‘joke’ was delivered in a city that remains infamous for a previous presidential assassination has not been lost.

As LifeZette shares, Griffin’s performance was uneventful until the topic turned to President Donald Trump.

“Ya’ll took out one president, you need to take out another … Ya’ll need to put Trump into a convertible and take him out, or better yet, the driver should take him out,” he said.

His outrageous attempt at humor seemed to be encouraging someone to take out Trump in the manner that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in back in 1963. Video of the Griffin’s remarks quickly went viral, but they were pulled by various social media sites once they began gaining traction.

Quite simply, whether you agree or disagree with another person’s policies or politics, there is absolutely nothing funny whatsoever about openly encouraging the harm of another. That goes for whether the target of the harm is a sitting president or not, and it frankly doesn’t matter that Griffin was only ‘joking.’ The fact that the thought would even enter his head that this would be an appropriate means of expressing his angst at Trump is cause for concern, and it may point to some further problems that he may want to speak to a professional about.

Griffin is not the only celebrity to say outrageous and inflammatory things in regards to Trump - see Sarah Silverman and Madonna, for example - and he certainly won’t be the last. While they are certainly entitled to express their displeasure, crossing the line into encouraging violence is incredibly disturbing behavior.

Source: LIfezette
Photo: Indie Wire

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