Poll: Most Want Donald Trump To Succeed

Nearly three-quarters of Americans hope Donald Trump succeeds as president, according to a new poll.

Rasmussen Reports, which surveyed 1,000 likely voters on Feb. 3-4, found that 73 percent replied “yes” when asked whether they wanted the New York City businessman to have a competent administration. Breitbart News noted that 57 percent of Democrats, along with 91 percent of Republicans, gave that answer.

Interestingly, a minority of the respondents expressed doubt that Trump will be a good president. Only 39 percent agreed with the statement that he is “more likely to be a success,” while 30 percent predicted he will fail.

“Just over half of all voters now view Trump favorably,” Rasmussen Reports proclaimed. That is significant news, because throughout the Republican nominee’s campaign his disapproval ratings exceeded 60 percent. Trump’s opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, was almost as unpopular, leaving most voters with two choices they disliked.

Clinton received about 3 million more votes than her rival, but lost in the Electoral College. Though Trump’s victory was a narrow one, he has claimed that he won in a “landslide” and that voters gave him a “mandate” to lead the country.

Source: Breitbart
Photo: YouTube

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