People Boycott Paradise After Hawaiian Courts Place Halt On Trump Travel Ban

A US District Court in Hawaii placed a halt on the Trump administration’s latest incarnation of a travel ban just hours before it was slated to go into effect, and those that were displeased with that decision hopped on social media to vent some frustration. As Inquisitr shares, ‘Boycott Hawaii’ became a trending topic in no time.

If we flash back to the original incarnation of the travel ban, the initial rollout left a ton to be desired. That sparked a whole slew of protests and court actions, and the Trump administration went back to the drawing board. The administration took its time to make sure all the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed this time, but the court in Hawaii still managed to take umbrage with it.

Engaged observers quickly took to social media to share their thoughts, and many pledged to in fact boycott Hawaii.

“Yes many "Deplorables" travel. I have been to #Hawaii several times. #BoycottHawaii
Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua have Great Surf,” shared one user.

“Me my wife and three other couples have just canceled our April trip to Hawaii they are not getting any of my money,” shared another.

That’s a pretty strong stance, but the travel ban topic has been the subject of some pretty passionate debate. We can expect it to continue to make its way through the court system before it’s ultimately resolved, but that will take some doing. Due to the nature of the ban, many judges seem to be having trouble interpreting the law as it applies to it. That leads them to turn to politicizing from the bench, which is generally frowned upon.

Of course, the social media commentary was not a one-sided affair, as opponents of the ban enjoyed a small victory at the expense of those that were peeved.

“The people who sincerely want to #BoycottHawaii are precisely the people Hawaiians don't want raiding their islands anyway tbh,” added one commenter.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: The Star Advertiser

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