Ivanka Trump Just Received More Bad News

It’s been pretty well-documented that Ivanka Trump products have been collateral damage to all of the backlash against President Donald Trump and his administration, but it turns out the death of the First Daughter’s fashion line may have been overstated. As the USA Today shares, there are still plenty of retailers across the nation offering Trump-related products for sale, so those that are encouraging others to ‘grab your wallet’ still have their work cut out for them.

Burlington Coat Factory became the latest retailer to decide it will no longer be carrying Ivanka’s products, but there are still products to be found at the retailer’s physical stores. While they have taken the step of removing the products from its online shopping portal, it suddenly doesn’t seem like such a momentous decision when shoppers have little trouble finding Ivanka’s products on its racks. Burlington’s decision came on the heels of similar moves by TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, but the discount chains also continue to offer Ivanka’s products in physical stores.

In essence, the announcements amount to something along the lines of ‘we’re done selling this stuff - just as soon as we clear the shelves of them.’ Sears and Kmart have taken a similar tact to the aforementioned retailers in removing online purchasing options while still hawking the products in stores. Nordstrom’s has taken the most hardline stance and completely removed the line, but the iconic retailer claims the decision is due to poor sales and nothing else.

Other retailers that continue to offer Ivanka’s products for sale include Amazon, Bloomingdale’s and Dillard’s to name just a few, so the well-publicized ‘grab your wallet’ movement appears to be awfully heavy on the hype, but somewhat lacking in the results department. That’s not terribly surprising, as the majority of retailers are intelligent enough to realize that some of their shoppers may share different political views than those that have started this ‘movement.’

Source: USA Today
Photo: Flickr

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