Former Clinton Aide Stands Up For Trump Supporter Blasted Over ‘Nuclear Football’ Post

There’s no shortage of inappropriate images or comments related to politics floating around on social media at any given time. It’s become such a common practice that it takes a pretty egregious one to even get a sniff of attention. Recently, it was mission accomplished for Richard DeAgazio, a supporter of President Donald Trump and a recent guest at Mar-A-Lago. He’s since deleted his social media profile, but a veteran military official is actually speaking out in his defense.

As the Independent Journal Review reports, DeAgazio posted a pic of himself with one of Trump’s aides. The pic itself was harmless enough, but DeAgazio decided it was appropriate to add some details that didn’t need to be added. He identified the aide by name, and pointed out that he was tasked with carrying the ‘nuclear football,’ as in top secret stuff that the president would need while he’s away from the White House Situation Room.

It was pretty clear that this was DeAgazio’s attempt to show how ‘connected’ he is, but he quickly thought better of it once he was blasted on social media. He quickly deleted his profiles, and he has declined interview requests from the media. Surprisingly, retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson has spoken out to say it’s not that big of a deal, and he offered up a fascinating tidbit in the process.

“It's ludicrous. They have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Anything to bring up impeachment. Hell, Bill Clinton actually lost the nuclear codes and nobody cared,” he said.

Patterson served as a senior military aide to the Clinton White House, so it doesn’t appear to be a case of him simply passing along a rumor. He explained the situation that went down with Clinton in full detail.

“I called the Pentagon. They were beside themselves. There was no process to recreate the codes. So they ended up working through the night and giving him new codes in the morning, but we are talking about the most important military document perhaps in this nation,” he continued.

While that’s a pretty stunning story, it doesn’t excuse DeAgazio’s self-important post.

Source: IJ Review
Photo: IJ Review

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