Famous Actor Makes Shocking Accusation About Clinton - Is He Telling The Truth?

Comedian Tom Arnold suddenly has even more free time on his hands. His recent turn on ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,’ ended abruptly when he was the first celeb voted off, but he didn’t let that opportunity pass him by without forcing his name back into the news cycle. As News.com.au reports, Arnold is still claiming to be in possession of a damning video of President Donald Trump, and he reveals that he had a very interesting phone call a few days before the election.

Arnold claims that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called him and asked him to release the tape - for the good of the American people, of course.

“She called me two days before the election and said ‘please release that.’ The weight of the free world is on your shoulders,” he said.

Arnold has been beating the drum for some time that he’s in possession of a salacious tape that features Trump making incredibly inflammatory and insensitive remarks.

“We’ve already heard him talking about sexually assaulting women, and that didn’t make a difference to the election. But if I was the one who was responsible for it, I would have just done it,” Arnold said.

There’s still no word on how Arnold came to be in possession of the alleged tape, or if it even exists. Regardless, it’s pretty clear that he’s not a big fan of Trump, and he used his recent time back in the spotlight to point that out yet again.

“He is sexist, he’s racist but I consider him a kind of joke. I have friends that are real billionaires, that are real and I always considered him a phony about that,” he continued.

All in all, it’s a pretty confusing situation that Arnold alone keeps dredging up. On the one hand, he’s bashing Trump at every turn and claiming to be in possession of incredibly damning evidence, while on the other, he seems to be looking for credit by painting himself as a ‘noble’ person for not releasing it. Perhaps Arnold will be able to fully reflect on things now that his time on the reality series has come to a close, but it’s getting to the point that he needs to put up or shut up.

Source: News.com.au
Photo: Fox News

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