Cop Desperately Calls For Help After Overhearing 9-Year-Old's Conversation

The horrific massacre of Dallas police officers this past summer shook the nation to its core, and police officers across the country have been walking around with heavy hearts ever since. As shared by Today, this awesome nine-year-old girl did her part to lift spirits up a bit for the officers in her community.

Samya McLaughlin knew she wanted to do something in the wake of the shootings, and she came up with a great idea. The young girl decided to use her birthday money to buy lunch for everyone at the 11th Precinct in Detroit.

“I wanted to show that all lives matter. I felt really bad for the kids (in Dallas) who lost their fathers, so I wanted to take care of the police officers and support them," she explained.

Her kind gesture had the intended effect, at least for a little while.

"To have such a small body with such a large heart and want to share her birthday with us like that, it was phenomenal. There were some tears shed. It had been gloomy around here (in the wake of the Dallas shootings), and when she showed up it set a whole different tone,” shared Officer Norma Black.

Source: Today
Photo: AWM

Wish more people acted like this little girl.

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