CIA Chief Calls Trump A Threat To National Security

Americans may find themselves “at great risk and peril” if Donald Trump continues to ignore the advice of intelligence officials, CIA Director John Brennan warned recently.

“The new administration -- and any president -- needs to recognize that this is a challenging and dangerous world, and that the intelligence community and intelligence professionals can help to keep this country safe and protect our national-security interests,” Brennan said on “The Axe Files,” a podcast that CNN and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics produce.

The director told host David Axelrod, a former campaign strategist and administration adviser for President Obama: “Any president or administration that does not recognize that is one that is putting this country’s national security at great risk and peril.”

CNN reported that Trump made a rare appearance at a meeting of intelligence officials on Friday, when Brennan and others presented their agencies’ findings concerning Russian attempts to influence the presidential election. According to federal investigators, Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered cyber attacks on computers used by the staffs of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Since winning in November, Trump has skipped most of the intelligence briefings, sending Vice President-elect Mike Pence in his place.

In the podcast, recorded the night before Friday’s briefing, Brennan told Axelrod: “We have great confidence in our understanding, our knowledge, in our assessment of what took place” in the election.

Source: CNN
Photo: YouTube

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