In 2008 Obama’s Campaign Team Had Discussions With Iran, Hamas

The left is in complete and utter meltdown mode, and while that seems to be an hourly occurrence these days, the hysterics have reached an all-time high. The resignation of White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has led detractors of President Donald Trump to smell blood in the water, and it certainly appears like they are not going to be taking a deep breath and calming down anytime soon. Words such as impeachment, treason and scandal are being thrown around by the minute, as well as bombastic claims that this is the greatest scandal to face a sitting president since Watergate.

Interestingly, the very thing that led to Flynn’s downfall - speaking out of turn with a foreign leader - is not as rare as the hysteria would lead you to believe. In fact, we need to look no further than the previous administration for such an instance. As Breitbart shares, way back when former President Barack Obama was running for the highest office in the land, one of his representatives was accused of meeting with Hamas and Iran. Unsurprisingly, there were no calls for Obama to suspend his campaign, and nary an expression of outrage when he was elected.

The representative, Robert Malley, stepped down when the allegations came to light, and he penned an open letter to explain his position.

“I have never hidden the fact that I had meetings with Hamas. I do this as part of my job as Middle East program director at the International Crisis Group,” he wrote. Malley would go onto explain that he distanced himself from the Obama campaign because the matter was “becoming a distraction to me and to Senator Obama’s campaign, and to avoid any misperception - misrepresentation being the more accurate word - about the candidate’s position regarding the Islamist movement.”

Fast forward to 2015, and Malley joined the Obama administration to head up the Middle East desk of the National Security Council. Coincidentally, there were no calls for immediate investigations into the Obama administration.

Source: Breitbart
Photo: Breitbart

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