Avoid These 7 Items From Dollar Stores At All Costs, You'll Be Glad You Did!

There are a lot of really great things to be found at a bargain in dollar stores. You'll save a bundle on greeting cards, gift wrapping supplies, holiday decorations and little bric-a-brac for your home decor. But not all things at the dollar store are a bargain; in fact, that cheap price could cost you big time.

There are some things at the dollar store you should definitely pass up, no matter how big of a bargain they seem to be. The top items to avoid at dollar stores are electrical cords and devices. There is a reason these things are only a buck-- they're usually mass-manufactured in places where regulation and quality is minimal. In the last two decades there has been a surge in fires caused by faulty products purchased in dollar stores.

On the topic of power, batteries are a big seller in dollar stores. Batteries are getting so expensive in most stores, did you ever wonder why any company would sell them for a dollar? Once again, it is because you can expect an inferior product. Batteries tested from name-brand sources and dollar stores showed the cheap batteries lost their charge much more quickly. You'll get them for $1, but you'll be changing them a lot more often.

Paper goods such as toilet paper, napkins and paper towels for a dollar may sound like a good deal, but there's a secret you don't know about. Dollar store brands often skimp on the product. You're not getting the same number of sheets as you would in a grocery store package. You may be paying less at the register but you're paying more per sheet.

Finally, parents should take a note and be wary of toys sold at the dollar store. Not only are they flimsy and choking hazards, many contain toxic metals and chemicals like lead and bromine. Children don't even need to put the product directly into their mouth to risk contamination; they can breathe in chemicals or absorb them through the skin.

A truly savvy shopper knows not only where to find a bargain, but when to pass up a bad one. Shop smart.

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