Your Days Of Buying It From The Supermarket Are Over With This Super Simple Grow Project

If you thought it wasn't worth planting a vegetable garden in your small space, it's probably because you thought you wouldn't have enough space to spread out lots of plants. But you don't have to spread them out over a large plot of land; you can stack them up.

Vertical gardening is something you can do with very little space. In fact, a few square feet is ample room for many tasty crops.

Use some old chicken wire to create plant towers. create a wire cylinder. cover the inside walls with hay or leaves and fill the tower with soil and compost. You can then plant tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes-- almost anything you want. Plants can be grown sideways so they sprout right through the wire.

Even if you don't have a square foot of space to call your own, you can vertical garden on a wall. Line up some gutters vertically and they're great planters for herbs and salad greens.

Have an old ladder? Lean it against a wall and place some medium-sized flower pots on it. You can plant cucumbers or squash-- the vines will love climbing up and clinging to the rungs.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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