Woman Picture Having Worst Hair Day Ever

An unidentified woman in Eastern Europe made a mess of things when she used builder’s foam in her hair instead of hair mousse. By the time she realized her mistake, she had already sprayed a considerable amount of the substance into her hair and all over scalp. The foam quickly expanded until it nearly swallowed her head.

The type of foam she likely used is builders or handyman’s foam, which is often used for construction or DIY projects at home. It can be used for a wide assortment of things from for from preventing leak-proofing cracks and crevices, to filling gaps during construction and holding items in place. What is unclear is how she ended up using so much of it in her hair.

By the time she managed to get herself to a local hospital’s emergency room, the foam was already bigger than the size of her head. The unhappy woman was then captured on camera by another patient who took no time in uploading the image to social media. Since then, the photo has gone viral much to the amusement of the public around the world.

Upon closer examination of the photo, viewers pointed out there must be more to the story than explained by the original poster. Twigs and leaves are attached in the foam in what appears to have happened after the wind blew them into the foam as she made her way to the hospital.

An even closer look reveals there are leaves folded into layers of the foam, suggesting that she kept spraying for longer than the amount of time needed to spray for styling hair. One commenter on a social media site pointed out that it may have been done intentionally in an act of aggression against the woman.

Some comments mentioned the humorous side of things related to the large frown on the woman’s face and the comical appearance of the polyurethane helmet over her head. Others hashtagged the photo with #badhairday and took it as a positive sign that their own unlucky hair days weren’t nearly as bad.

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