When You See This Ingenious Trick In Action, You'll Never Cook Steak The Same Again

While it’s always nice to go out to a restaurant and feast on an awesome dinner, the reality is that it’s not always in the budget. Dining out can add up in a hurry, but there’s plenty of ways to create those same awesome tastes by yourself - and often at a fraction of the price.

As AWM shares, that includes steak. Yes, you can make something just as good as the dishes that are served at your favorite steakhouse at home, and you won’t be slaving over the grill all day to make it happen. Even better, you can use nearly any cut of meat and transform it into something chock full of fall-apart goodness.

It all starts with the early prep when it comes to steak, and this video lays out a simple method for getting the most out of any cut of meat. By covering your cut of meat with sea salt and letting it rest for an appropriate amount of time depending on thickness, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Simply rinse it off, season as you wish and cook your steak on the grill as you normally would, and your store-bought steak dish will rival something you find in a steakhouse at a fraction of the price. Several commenters have reported their results, and it sounds like their mouths are still watering.

“Just tried this with two 3 pound London Broil cuts, and it turned out pretty damn well. Granted, it wasn’t Steakhouse tender, but close, and my god did it turn out well. I would absolutely 100% recommend,” shared one user.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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