Suspicious Man Walking Down The Street Was Stopped By This Cop, His Life Was Never The Same

Police officers see all kinds of things while making their rounds, and that includes homeless people in some precarious situations. For Deputy Matt Holman with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina, there was something different about this one.

As The Blaze reports, Holman became struck by the sight of a homeless man that was wandering the streets during one of his patrols. The man was soaking wet and obviously in need of a lot of things, so Holman stopped to get a better feel for the situation. He ended up striking up a conversation with the man, and would go on to learn that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol - but he wanted to change.

Holman gave him the Bible he keeps in his patrol car. He would go on about his business, and the same man would reach out to him about six months later. Holman’s simple act inspired him to seek treatment, clean himself up, get off of the streets and even make amends with his family.

“That man’s a hero. He saved my life,” the man said.

Source: The Blaze
Photo: AWM

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