Police Pull Man Over But Don't Give Him Ticket

How do you feel when you hear police sirens behind you? Most likely you are scared they are going to stop you. Like most people you are probably wondering what went wrong and hoping they will not give you a ticket. However, most of the time if you do get pulled over you will get a ticket. One citizen was pulled over in Arkansas for speeding but did not a get a ticket or even a warning.

Driving his pickup truck at 107 miles per hour was an Arkansas police chief, Brinkley Police Chief Edward Randle. Authorities were called to catch the driver speeding around but when Trooper L. Williams pulled him over, he just started to laugh and said, "Where are you going so fast?" Police Chief Randle said that he needed to "call a game in Clarendon."

Williams indicated to the police officer sitting in their vehicle and said, "Look, this guy right here has been following you for miles. He's calling the state police." Randle shouted from his pickup truck, "I know you didn't call the damn state police!"

A Brinkley police officer walked towards the truck and tried to smooth things over, "I didn't have your plate, so it didn't go over. I was like 'This guy's rolling!' I'm like he's running 112 right now." Randle told him he had not gone over 112 miles per hour. The officer replied, "I had you locked in at 107." Randle said, "It won't do 107. It'll only do 95." The police officer called him out for lying and said with authority, “Seriously I had you locked in – cause I was running 90, and I couldn’t get ya. You were pulling away.” However, they started joking around and left him.

The dash cam video of the interaction was released on LiveLeak and received a huge backlash from citizens who always get tickets for speeding. When asked to comment, the police chief told KATV, “My truck is governed to 95 miles an hour, so when I go past 95 miles an hour – I wasn’t anywhere close to 95 miles an hour as I was traveling. I might have been a little bit over the speed limit, but it wasn’t that much.”

A witness, Benjamin Martin told the press, “I find it, you know, very disheartening, that anyone, public official or not, would show such blatant disregard for the speed limit, and put the lives of innocent others at risk.”

Source: AWM
Photos: AWM

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