Man Leaves Gas Station In Tears After Attendant Whispers This To Him

A man on his way to work stopped to fill up his tank because it was almost empty. After pumping $110.00 worth of gas, he realized he didn't have the means to pay. This could have been an ugly situation, but he got very lucky.

Tyson Crawley filled up his tank before he realized that he hadn't activated his new credit card yet. He had an ATM card on him, but didn't use it often and had forgotten the pin. He used his phone to search frantically through his records but he couldn't find the pin anywhere.

Crawley took a deep breath and headed into the cashier to explain what happened. He was worried about how this might all turn out-- after all, he couldn't just take $110.00 worth of gas out of his tank and pour it back into the pump.

As he explained, a good Samaritan stepped up. The stranger ran his card through and paid the bill for Crawley. Stunned and grateful, Crawley thanked the man and asked how he could get in touch to pay the man back. The man wrote something on the back of the receipt.

Crawley took a picture with the man, and the man left. He then looked at the back of the receipt, and it didn't contain a phone number or an address. It contained a simple message: "Pass it on, John."

Imagine if we all did things like that on a regular basis; what a wonderful world it would be.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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