A Lace Doily In A Bucket Of Cement? The Benefit Of Doing It Is Jaw Dropping

At virtually any moment in time, what’s old is new again in a certain facet of clothing or home decor. However, some things are woefully stuck in the past without a chance at finding new life as a retro fad. Take the crochet doily for example. A staple of grandma’s house, there simply haven’t been any ‘a-ha’ moments that have found a way to make them cool - until now.

As DIY Craft Project explains, there’s actually a whole bunch of things you can transform these little gems into, and it sounds like a super fun project to boot. When else will you get the chance to play around in a pan of cement with a relic of the past and transform it into something beautiful?

Now’s your chance, so you’ll definitely want to check out this fun project. Simply grab as many crochet doilies as you can get your hands on, some concrete bonding additive, Portland cement, some molds and a couple of either easy to gather items and you’re in business. Among the items you can walk away with are a cool-looking crochet bowl, or a nifty candle holder that will be sure to become a conversation piece.

Source: DIY Craft Project
Photo: AWM

Take this and dip it in cement!

Mold Into any shape you want and let it dry.

Sky's the limit to this DIY project.

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