If Your House Is Plagued Ants, Try This Quick, Cheap Method

Insects and other pests can be the bane of your life, whether you are living in a house, apartment or studio. They can ruin the aesthetic of your home, crawl into your food and swarm over you when you least expect it.

Ants are among the worsts pests you can have dwelling within your household: they are numerous, tricky to catch, possibly painful if they sting you and very expensive to get rid of professionally. Ants are often very common in family households as there are usually many tucked away hiding places and often lots of food scraps and sweet treats left out on lounges, in storage cupboards or on the kitchen bench.

Exterminator services are highly effective but will often leave you bereft of several hundred dollars and exposed to a variety of possibly harmful chemicals. However, there is an exceedingly simple, DIY trick you can use to rid your house of ant infestations without the use of an expensive professional exterminator or their noxious chemicals.

The vast majority of people suffering from irksome ant incursions will have all the necessary ingredients to solve their problem tucked away in the back of their kitchen cupboard or on hand in their household. This simple, home-made concoction only uses:

- 2 tablespoons of borax
- 1 cup of warm water
- 1/2 cup of sugar

If you don’t have these ingredients at hand, they’re very accessible and inexpensive, which is the great thing about this trick. Once you have found all the items, mix them together and soak several cotton balls within the mixture and lay them in parts of your house that usually attract large numbers of ants.

By night, the ants will be drawn to the sugar and begin taking parts of the soaked cotton balls back to their nest. Within days, the borax will kill the nest and the ants plaguing your household.

Source: AWM
Photos: AWM

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