The Housing Market Game Is Changing After This New Fleet Of Mobile Homes Hit(Video)

When mobile home manufacturer Dahir Insaat put up videos of their new prototype on the Luxury World Traveler Facebook page, the internet went wild.

The firm is producing a full-sized house that can be folded up into a truck and transported to another location.

The new video shows what the engineers and designers are hoping to accomplish in the coming years.

The video footage shows the house opening up like a giant accordion, then being folded up into a box the size of a regular shipping container that can be moved on an18-wheeler truck. In the fold up of the mobile home, the front steps folds up into the home, then the top half folds down into the home, and a couple of final wall folds to convert to travel mode.

The one-story “Transformer” mobile home is close to 1,500 square feet. The two story version clocks in at 2,690 square feet. Note, however, the folding home will sell for $350,000-450,000 and higher.

Some of the online comments about the Transformer mobile homes include:

“Awesome way to travel,” one person noted. “Stunning concept,” a second agreed.

“Cool. Until you realize you need to move all your furniture somewhere before house folds down,” one person wrote. “With that many moving seams, wouldn’t it leak soon?” another questioned. “But where is the bathroom, kitchen, and misc furniture stored?” a third asked.

It turns out that furniture can be stored in the center of the folded building.

One online poster was a little worried: “My biggest fear is it would spontaneously compact while I was in the shower.”

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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