Here Are 8 Signs You Might Have A Blood Clot

Blood clotting is a necessary process. If your blood didn't have the ability to clot, you'd risk bleeding to death every time you cut yourself. Sometimes, however, your blood can clot when you don't want it to. This can put you at risk for some serious conditions, such as a stroke, heart attack or embolism.

Many blood clot warning signs go unheeded simply because people don't realize the danger is there. You should know these signs and pass the information on to your friends and loved ones.

Unexplained coughs could sometimes indicate a blood clot. A person experiencing a sudden cough for no apparent reason should pay attention to his heart rate and breathing.

Someone with a blood clot in the lungs might experience shortness of breath or deep, be stabbing chest pains. Lung blood clots are particularly dangerous and could prove fatal.

If you're getting a blood clot under your skin-- most commonly in the legs-- you might notice red streaks along the length of your veins. These streaks will make your limb feel warm. You might experience leg pain, tenderness or swelling in the area. If leg problems show up, your doctor can send you for tests to see if a blood clot is behind it.

Don't wait if you experience unusual symptoms. When your body doesn't feel right, it's usually trying to tell you something is wrong. If that something is a blood clot, you don't want to let it go unattended.

Source: Remedy Daily
Photo: Remedy Daily

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