Here Are 6 Ways You Can All Naturally Stop Plucking And Waxing To Remove Body Hair

Unwanted body hair can be the bane of the existence of most women, but thankfully there’s plenty of ways to take care of it and keep it under control. However, some of the most popular methods can lead to a ton of skin irritation, not to mention the fact that some of them are downright pricey.

As Remedy Daily, there’s actually a couple of solutions out there that make both of those problems a non-issue. Better yet, they’re all natural and require just a few simple ingredients - and they can be used right in the comfort of your own home. All told, there’s six awesome ways you can say bye-bye to unwanted hair - at least for a little while.

For starters, one simple method requires just sugar and lemon. Simply mix 2 tablespoons sugar in 2 teaspoons lemon juice, and then combine it with 10 tablespoons of water. Follow the simple directions and apply it in the direction that the hair grows, wait about 15 or 20 minutes and wash off with water. You can repeat this method about two or three times a week for best results.

The rest of the methods are super simple as well, and you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of the list to see if there’s one that works for you.

Source: Remedy Daily
Photo: Remedy Daily

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