Woman Strategically Puts Irish Spring Soap In Her Yard, Neighbors Finally Realize Why

Gardeners are very passionate about their plants, investing their time and money into them, so they are innately disheartened when their hard work is demolished by animals who chow down on the greenery. Gardeners have gone through extensive, costly construction projects with the ambitions of halting herbivores such as deer and rabbits who destroy their hard work. Some have even tried using coyote urine as a means of repelling these animals, although, they frequently have to reapply treatments because they wash away in the rain.

After much trial and error, one woman was shocked to learn that all she needed to fix her problems was a simple bar of Irish Spring soap. She called DIY Maven on Curbly.com and learned that prior methods are no match for the brand of soap. She now aims to share her newfound revelation with the world.

This gardener grabbed a package of Irish Spring soap bars, severed them into chunks, wrapping them in small, breathable pieces of scrap cloth. She then stapled them to steaks, sticking them in the ground close to her prize plants. Scattering the small chunks of soap on the ground around the garden also proved helpful.

It has been discovered that animals are repulsed by the “fine fresh scent.” This soap is the ideal solution for gardeners struggling with animals. It doesn’t produce suds in the rain, and does not emit smells of predator urine. It doesn’t hurt soil, plants, or even the animals, making it a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Source: Curbly
Photo: Pinterest

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