When He Answers 'What Part Of Your Wife Is Bigger Than It Should Be?' Everyone Loses It

Family Feud host Steve Harvey is known for his ability to put people on the spot. On one hilarious episode of the popular television game show, the Davis family were all smiling because they knew their dad was in a tough spot.

“What’s a part of your wife that’s bigger than it should be?”, Harvey asked.

The patriarch of the family was up to answer, and he knew that his wife was looking at him and just waiting to pounce if he made a mistake. Everybody on stage and in the audience knew if he said the wrong thing, he would be the butt of family jokes until the end of his days.

Steve Harvey walks up to Robert Davis for his answer, and remarks, “Let’s see how you handle this one right here. She lookin’ upside your head. We asked one hundred married men…”

After almost 30 seconds of thought, Robert gets ready to answer the question. He obviously needs an answer that received a lot of responses in the survey, but then again, he could very easily upset his wife in the process. He must walk a very fine line
Robert finally makes up his mind and looks at Harvey, “Steve, I’m going to say her heart.”

The audience reacts to his sweet answer with a collective “aww.” They had been holding their breath for an answer like her butt, thighs, or bellies. His answer kept him in his wife’s good graces, and also had at least a decent answer.

Prior to checking to see if Robert’s answer was correct, Harvey slowly strolls over to Robert and gives him a pat on the back for his awesome response.

“After much deliberation, you are truly the Mack Man,” he comments.

Then Harvey looks up at the board and calls out “her heart”…and it pops up as the sixth answer on the board! That gave the Davises the chance to steal the board for the win, and they did!

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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