They Fell Asleep On Their Flights Only To Wake Up To This Incredible Christmas Surprise

Another holiday season is in the books, and hopefully you were able to bank a little extra Christmas spirit to use throughout the coming year. For those that haven’t, this little video just might do the trick for you - or at the very least spark some feelings of nostalgia for the magical season.

As shared by Shareably, this little gem features an epic surprise that the staff at WestJet Airlines was able to pull off for the passengers that were fortunate enough to travel on this flight. We follow the passengers starting at the check-in point, when they are greeted by an extra-special guest in the form a video at the terminal.

The video features Santa Claus himself, who magically knows all of the passengers by name as they enter their information. St. Nick proceeds to ask them what they want for Christmas, and then the real magic begins. The airline staff scurries about with a shopping list to grab all the requested items, and the passengers are in for an epic surprise at the end of the flight when they think they’ll be simply grabbing their bags and going on with their lives.

You’ll definitely want to check this one out, as some of the reactions from the stunned passengers are truly epic.

Source: Shareably
Photo: Shareably

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