There Are Plenty Of Memorable Game Show Moments - This One Is Nothing But The Most Impressive

A big winner on the 'Wheel of Fortune' shocked everyone, including the hosts, when she was able to solve a long puzzle with just one letter revealed. Even the hosts were shocked. She says it wasn't that hard at all-- there's a method, and she's simply good at it.

Caitlin Burke made headlines when she solved the puzzle, "I'VE GOT A GOOD FEELING ABOUT THIS." Only the 'L' was revealed, but Burke thinks it was pretty easy. She explains her reasoning.

Burke says the puzzle wasn't as hard as it looked. It was a process of elimination that led her quickly to the answer. She grew up watching the show in her family home, and her brain has just learned the system to figure out the answers quickly.

The first word in the puzzle has only three letters, and after the first letter, there is an apostrophe. There are only two words in the English language that have three letters with an apostrophe after the first letter: 'I've' and 'I'll.'

Since an 'L' didn't show up in the first word, it obviously wasn't 'I'll'. Filling in the three-letter word blank after 'I've', and then the one letter word blank after that, the wheel wiz quickly concluded the puzzle began, "I've got a...."

She quickly ran through the possibilities in her mind: funny? Bad? The only thing that fit the next four-letter word was 'good'. All the rest of the words began to fall into place.

Burke ended up winning $53,000 that night, and went down in history as the one-letter wonder. But in her steel trap of a mind, it all makes sense.

Source: Esquire
Photo: AWM

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