Snoop Dogg Promised To Move If Donald Trump Was Elected - Here's Where He's Headed

The so-called “Trump Migration” seems to be picking up steam. Earlier this week, well-known musician and rap artist Snoop Dogg posted an image of Toronto’s skyline on Instagram and included the caption “fuck this shut I’m going to the 6ix.”

Snoop also tagged Drake with his post, noting, “I need the hookup on some property.”

Based on his posts, it seems Snoop isn’t terribly happy about the November election results.

Keep in mind that Snoop is one of a long list of celebs who publicly stated they would move to Canada if Trump won the election, although it is not clear who – if anyone -- has followed through on their pledge to leave yet.

It also turns out that Snoop Dogg has a business connection in Canada. He agreed to put his name on a line of exclusive marijuana strains in a deal with a dispensary in Smith Falls, Ontario a few years back.

The public in Canada seemed generally supportive of the idea of Snoop moving up to the Great White North.

For example, Twitter user So Breezy posted:

“Heard @Snoopdog wants to move to Toronto post-election, I got you Snoop! Lemme know if you still need someone to roll up for you "

Source: Buzzfeed
Photo: Wikimedia

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