She Will Give You Chills When You Hear Her Sing (Video)

Nobody, and I mean nobody, can sing God Bless America like singing star Jackie Evancho.  Ms. Evancho is one of the most talented singers performing today, and she put on an amazing performance of God Bless America during the 2016 celebration July 4th celebration in Washington DC.

Evancho performed with an entire orchestra and chorus behind her, and sang the anthem with the orchestra playing in the background and complimenting her fine voice.

Following the first round of the song, however, an entire backing chorus joined in as Evancho sang the verses again, adding a new level of depth and feeling to the song.

Then with the third round of God Bless America, Evancho invited everyone in the crowd to sing the anthem together with her. When it all came together, it was truly a magical moment as the huge crowd, the large choir and Evancho sang their hearts out to celebrate the birthday of our country.

Of note, God Bless America was written by Irving Berlin in 1918, and revised in 1938.  It was originally intended as a hymn / prayer rather than a song, which is why this patriotic paean has so much emotion and meaning behind it.

Source: AWM
Photo: YouTube

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